Vietcombank Remittance Company - 2021 Worker Conference
On March 5, 2021, at the 7th floor Hall, Vietcombank Remittance Company (VCBR) held the 2021 Worker Conference with a total of 30 attendees.

Joining the Presidium of the Labor Conference VCBR are Mr. Trinh Hoai Nam - Company Director (middle)

Mr. Ngo Nhat Linh - President of Grassroots Trade Union (left)

Mr. Trinh Hoai Nam, Ceo of the company present a report summarizing business activities, the implementation of policies in 2020 and business direction in 2021 off Vietcombank Remittiance Company. In 2020, Vietnam has witnessed a great upheaval in both economy and society due to the impact of COVID -19 pandemic. Turning these challenges into opportunities, VCBR has ended 2020 with many outstanding results, with sales reaching 1.7 times higher than in 2019, 30% higher than the initial plan for the year. 

At the conference, Mr Ngo Nhat Linh - Trade union president, presented a Report on ensuring the legal and legitimate right of employees as well as some key activities of the Union in 2021. The reports emphasize the seriousness in coordination between employers and employee in implementing collective labor agreements, signing and implementing labor contracts, internal labor regualtions as well as good implementation of regulations on occupational safety and health as well as democratic regulation; These has all contributed significantly to VCBR's impressive results in 2020.

The conference also spent time discussing a number of issues related to the rights of employees as amended in the Labor Code 2019 effective January 1st, 2021. Following that, the conference witnessed the signing of a collective labor agreement between the employer's representative and the employee's representative, jointly commiting to strive to fulfill business objectives in 2021.

Mr. Trinh Hoai Nam - Company Director and Mr. Ngo Nhat Linh - President of Grassroots Trade Union

Signing the collective labor agreement

Also in the program was the election of the People's Inspection Committee for the term 2021 - 2023 with a high vote of confidence.


The people's Inspection Committee for the term 2021-2023 debuting and receiving congratularory flowers

On this occasion, the Board of Directors announced the launch of 2021 emulation while also honoring and rewarding deparments achivements in 2020: 01 Department completed it task excellently - Sales Department; 03 Departments completed it task successfully: Operation Department, Accounting Department and Administration Department.

Delegates attending the 2021 - VCBR worker conference 

The Worker Conference 2021 has ended on a high note. Representative of employers and all employees have shown their determination to strive for excellence and their solidarity, creativity and responsibility. VCBR staff believes that 2021 will continue to be a succesful year. VCBR will continue to develop and improve its positon in the market, woring toward the goal of becoming the number 1 remittance service provider in Vietnam


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