Company Holiday trip is one of the annual activities encouraged by the Board of Management of VCBR. The purpose of this trip is to not only unwind and relax, but also enhance the connection between the company staffs, especially after two stressful years of the Covid Pandemic. In addition to the purpose of bonding and encouraging working spirits, these activities are also an appreciation from the Board of Management for the continuous efforts and dedications of employees during the past year.


The holiday trip was held from July 14 to July 18 with the participation of all employees of VCBR and their families. Traveling by train, early in the morning, the group arrived at Nha Trang Station - one of the long-lasting cultural and historical relics here and began to make the RISE TO THE SEA - NHA TRANG journey. With the spirit of excitement, Nha Trang welcomes the whole group in sunny weather with typical fresh air of the sea. Everyone continued to move to famous attractions in this beautiful city.

VCBR taking group photo at Hon Chong, first stop in Nha Trang.

Capturing the memorial moment at Con Se Tre Island.

On the second day, the group participated in outdoor games during the Teambulding activity with the "Work hard – Play harder" spirit. With the energy of youth, all employees enthusiastically participated in the games like warriors with the confidence and determination to be the winning team.

VCBR getting ready for the Teambuilding activity

All teams enjoy the victorious and joyful moment

In the evening of the same day, VCBR held a cozy party for everyone to enjoy scrumptious cuisines and delightful music altogether.

The trip helped everyone to save all the meaningful and cheerful memories. Hopefully, after this trip, each member of the company will always strive to fulfill the assigned missions, remain united and support each other so that the company grows further and further in the coming years.


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