In order to celebrate the "World Environment Day" application on June 5, 2022, the Trade Union and Youth Union of VCBR company coordinated to organize a cycling program with the participation of the company's Board of Directors and a large number of employees, to encourage people to protect the green living environment and limit plastic waste. Today, smoke pollution, pure sound, particulate pollution, plastic waste are rampant in the water flowing into the sea. Coastal villages every year "get more" than attacking plastic waste. This situtation is increasingly causing more serious effects on the ecological systems of animals and humans. Cutting down on smog from the transportation vehicles is the top priority of the goverment. People use bicycles as a "green" product, an environmentally friendly means of transportation that contributes to limiting the current state of air pollution and pure sound. Therefore, the trend of eco-friendly cycling is trending and encouraged. Cycling parade on the morning of May 28, 2022 with bicycles running more than 10km through many central points from District 3 to the center of District 1, Ho Chi Minh City.

VCBR leaders and staffs taking pictures prior to the cycling trip.

VCBR leader and staffs are enjoying the parade.

The cycling program will be jointly organized annually between the Trade Union and the Youth Union to create meaningful activities, with the aim of arousing the spirit of solidarity, creating a joyful and exciting atmospher, taking actions, promoting the movement of sports training to improve the health of all employees of the company as well as propagate the employees and the community to improve the value of life and protect the green environment.

Taking pictures for memories

The parade received a lot of support from the community


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