On November 25th, 2022, VCBR officially launch the brand new “Digital Wallet Transfer” service. Up till now, VCBR is the first and only remittance company in Vietnam cooperating with Momo to release a receiving remittance through e-wallets service.

First Deputy Governor of the State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) Mr. Dao Minh Tu stated that the volume of remittance to Vietnam in 2021 is estimated at 12.5 billion USD. In 2022, with a significant number of risks contributing to a reduction for remittances, low to middle-income countries are expected to receive lower remittances when compared to 2021. As the world is facing a global economic crisis accompanied by record-high inflation, adversely affecting the operations of all industries in general, particularly remittances, VCBR has identified the risks and proactively responded. The company always tries to accompany its partners, in order to mitigate the bad effects of the market, utilizing flexible support policies to overcome difficult times together.

From extensive market research and evaluation, VCBR understands the strong development and application of technology. Therefore, on November 25th, 2022, with the desire to provide a more varied and convenient remittance payment services, VCBR launched the “Digital Wallet Transfer” service to transfer remittance directly to e-wallets, greatly improving the remittance experience for customers. VCBR is proud to be the first and currently only remittance company to date with the most methods of remittance payment for customers, remittances sent from other countries to Vietnam through VCBR can enjoy the following services: Home delivery, Counter Pickup at VCB and other banks, Account Deposit or Digitel Wallet Transfer. Grasping the rising trend of using e-wallets soon, customers receiving overseas remittances from VCBR will enjoy more incentives and utilities. 


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