The last 4th Covid-19 pandemic has left many huge losses to Ho Chi Minh City with more than 2,100 children orphaned parents; including more than 100 children who lost both parents. Many children are facing difficult situations both physically and mentally, both in terms of food, clothing as well as studying in daily life. Many issues related to their current and future lives are in dire need of the attention and support from society.

With the spirit of mutual affection and responsibility to the community, since its establishment until now, the VCBR Union Corporation has annually organized social security activities. Through discussions with the Fatherland Front Committee of District 3, the VCBR Union Corporation learned that: After the recent Covid-19 epidemic, in the area, there were many cases of students suffering from losing their parents and some families with extremely difficult circumstances. With the attention and support of Vietcombank's Union Corporation, and the direction of the Branch, the Communist Party of the Remittance Company has implemented the program "Opening your arms - Connecting the love for orphans from Covid-19" in the District. 3, Ho Chi Minh City, awarded scholarships to 61 orphaned students with difficult circumstances with a total value of up to 140 million VND. In the context of the complicated development of the epidemic, the program was organized warmly, ensuring compliance with the 5k rules of disease prevention and control, receiving the attention, support and attendance of representatives of Ho Chi Minh City and Leaders. District 3 union Leaders.















Through this activity, VCBR hopes to help them have more motivation, to strive in daily life, in study, to achieve their dreams and ambitions. With annual charity trips, the VCBR Union Corporation wishes to promote and spread love and responsibility towards the community, contributing to socio-economic development in areas facing many difficulties, especially giving priority to the field of education aimed at students.


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